1. What is an Outage Management System?
  2. The Outage Management System (OMS) allows you to view outage information online through a real-time map, which offers a visual representation of current power outages. You can view outage details by clicking on the outage icon, including start time, number of customers affected and, if known, the cause and estimated restoration time. Currently, customers cannot report outages on the OMS.

  3. How do I view outages in my area?
  4. Use the compass arrows and +/- icons on the navigation bar in the top left corner of the screen to reposition the map or to zoom in and out. Alternatively, you can use the right or left button on your mouse to drag right, left, up or down to navigate the map and the mouse wheel to zoom in and out. You can also type your address into the bar at the bottom of the OMS screen and press the “Search” icon, located above the search bar. If there is a power interruption, clicking the outage icon will allow you to view details.

  5. Why doesn’t the map zoom in on my house when I click on the outage icon?
  6. To ensure customer privacy and security, the OMS does not display specific street addresses.

  7. Can I use the OMS to report an outage?
  8. No, you cannot report outages through the OMS. Customers can still contact us to report an outage and receive updates. Our Customer Service Representatives are always happy to help. Please call 905-825-9400. Available 24 hours per day / year round.

  9. What if I have information about the cause of the outage or in case of an emergency?
  10. If you have information to report concerning the cause or location of an outage (such as a vehicle collision with a pole or transformer), please call Oakville Hydro Customer Service at 905-825-9400. In case of an emergency, always call 911. Emergency services will contact Oakville Hydro if our assistance is required.